Bury Play Against Manchester United

There was a game between Manchester United and Bury at Gigg Lane.

Scheduled for May 10th it was to be part of the Manchester Senior Cup event of the season.

The game had been scheduled for the evening and with reasonable ticket prices, there was little wonder that all the stands and blocks were filled with supporters of the teams.

This game was a semifinal match. Manchester United was to face Bury. The game ended with a score of 1-4 which resulted in a comfortable win for Manchester United. Bury, however, put up a brave defense. It was definitely an ambitious match for this team, but it definitely gave them exposure to the kind of skills they need to hone up for facing rivals like Manchester United. The first team of Manchester United was away at West Ham. The reserves that played against Bury consisted of players like Regan Poole and Andreas Periera. Both the players were able to score twice. The Shakers then put in the effort.

If you had gone to watch the match, you would have marveled at how things changed in a span of an hour. Pererira, a Brazilian under 20 international player, struck out in the first fifteen minutes of the game. He was then fouled in his efforts by Ryan Crosdale, the Bury midfielder. Pererira then scored against the efforts of Andrew Dawber, the goalkeeper of Bury team. Pereira then built as well as executed a double on the quick fire. This he did before half time. He crossed over to Poole and powered home a header. Bury was able to get a goal in though. The Reds celebrated their victory in this game, but for Bury it was great learning, seeing the tactics the Reds deployed to win the match within an hour.

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