Sheff Wed 3rd Goal vs Bury – Antonio

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11 Responses to “Sheff Wed 3rd Goal vs Bury – Antonio”

  1. ratastewie91 says:

    @jibbs1977 ITV have offered me a job

  2. Smelly Black says:

    your retarded

  3. gary lincoln says:

    Yeah , it was a priceless minute.

  4. onewildcarl82 says:

    I was there as a Villa fan, this was a great performance from Wednesday

  5. Greg Barks says:

    who do you support?

  6. Smelly Black says:

    Not famous anymore Lol at your shit club

  7. Liam Kelly says:

    Best feeling ever! UTO!

  8. SWFC1212 says:

    Brilliant UTO !!!

  9. jibbs1977 says:

    shame you missed the actual goal LOL

  10. jibbs1977 says:

    ha ha ha ha ha Thats very funny I tell you what though your video on your
    phone is pretty good and clear!!. Lets hope we win on Saturday.