Sheffield United. Michael Brown Goals.

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23 Responses to “Sheffield United. Michael Brown Goals.”

  1. ettboy02 says:

    you dirty leeds get injuring butterfield discusting

  2. Andythecat11 says:

    He came to Fulham with a lot of promise and hype but all he really did was his best to get sent off at every inopportune moment.

  3. charlster100able says:

    better than Allan Smith surely

  4. DaveySmith84 says:

    Great Vid, Great goals seems like yesterday!!

  5. MrMjwales08 says:

    peter whittingham two seasons ago?

  6. ActivexSCOPEzx says:

    the best goal is the volley against the pigs lol

  7. chrisrix93 says:

    What a fecking player, up the blades

  8. Ellandroadboy says:

    Welcome to leeds mate

  9. TheMonty45 says:

    watch the goal at 2:18 the commentator says thatl do but thats a right finish!!

  10. TheMonty45 says:

    looooking to make…….there it is.
    quality piece of commentary!

  11. Spar7aNGB says:

    welcome to leeds Mr.Brown

  12. mattyb1505 says:

    Ahh the days of Michael Brown, Paul Peschisolido, Phil Jagielka etc…. oh do i miss them :’)

  13. TheMonty45 says:

    such a legend he should come back to united and save us from the drop

  14. 9wolves2007 says:

    i hear wolves tryina sign him, but dunno if he still has that in his locker, if so then would be good signing

  15. KUWAITAHMED says:

    we want him in Arsenal

  16. TCCSpongeBob says:

    True legend this guy <3

  17. ElliotMason11 says:

    What a great player he was! I was a little younger than 10 in the KOP as he scored the goal at 2:34…I thought it was so good, I cried 🙂

  18. BenBergin says:

    Literally every time he got the ball you thought something spectacular was going to happen. Every time he got it 20-30 yards out, had a free kick, or even just looked up you EXPECTED him to score a peach. Thanks for putting this up.

  19. sipilko2 says:

    If there was no videos of him taking any free kicks or penatlys. You wouldn’t even know what foot he is strongest with! BRING BACK MICHAEL BROWN!

  20. Kozzy06 says:

    What a player he was in that season. Just awesome.

    Never been the same since, him or United.

  21. ashsufc says:

    2 of the greatest goals ever seen at BTDBL. 1.34 of course and 2.36.

    Simply amazing!!

  22. siklad999 says:

    awsome video mate

  23. levisufc says:

    Incredible, absolutely incredible.

    I can’t think of any other midfielder to have graced the championship have such a season as Brown did, left foot, right foot anywhere within 30 yards of goal would go in.