Fans Fight on for Bury FC

Fans at Bury Football Club wish to see the club back on the EFL membership and that is what they are fighting for. The club is 125 years old and has been a member of EFL for that long. They put in a bid to be readmitted in League Two in the EFL meeting that was held at the end of August 2019. However, their bid was lost since they have not played a single game in the season of 2019 to 2020.

The club has several issues to overcome all that could have been solved if strong management had taken over. For instance, they are facing unpaid debts and legal action for the same had been brought on the club by HM Revenue body. Supporters, however, are reaching out to the public to gather support from a more humane point of view. The number of players, students and others who have long been associated with the team are the faces that are being put up to showcase what goes beyond mere numbers and legalities and the rich history of the association that can be difficult to put down if the club does not exist.

Videos have been put up on several news and popular sites showcasing the Bury FC stadium where several matches had been played and how everybody in the locality had been associated with the games and the club. While the players of the first team are without jobs, the academy also needs consideration. Its academy is well regarded across the country. The under 18s hold much potential and they even reached the quarterfinals in the Youth Cup of FA that was held last season. There had been a proposal that it would be taken over by Shakers. The future of the 140 children remains in question. All this goes to show that such decisions are often harder to execute than simply by following norms and procedures.

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