Bolton Wanderers 2010

Shakers Site Video Rating: 5 / five

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7 Responses to “Bolton Wanderers 2010”

  1. Charlotte Davies says:

    great video

    ./ Charlotte Davies’

  2. George Hogan says:

    Good vid but should of kept the commentry volume louder than the music

  3. xiDiGiiTaLz says:

    BOLTON 4EVA!!!

  4. mrsiborg says:

    That Elmander goal vs wolves was the goal of the season for me.

  5. Martin Pendlebury says:

    They’re in my other video 🙂

  6. MarcusRalphson says:

    no elmander vs wolves or davies vs blackpool?

  7. MarcusRalphson says:

    Awesome man!